Study at Cardiff University in the UK

"What attracted me to Cardiff University was the fact that it boasts an atmosphere for international student and high quality education, which makes for an attractive place to be."

    Study in the vibrant city of Cardiff, in Wales

Cardiff is a great study destination for students from all over the world and has many opportunities to offer students for their career and during their spare time. Cardiff is the location for award-winning television productions, including Doctor Who, Sherlock, Torchwood and Casualty.

The National Museum hosts one of the best impressionist art collections and with more than 330 parks and gardens, you will always have more to explore! Cardiff is, like all capital cities, a vibrant mix of culture, sports, shops, entertainment and work opportunities and will make your student experience unforgettable.

    Unique international student community

At Cardiff University, we have developed international partnerships and a global community that expands far beyond our campus. We have academic partners across the world, and welcome international students from everywhere. As an international student, you will play a significant role in the life of our institution and across Wales.

The University offers many opportunities outside of class and the Students’ Union organises a variety of events for all students to enjoy. At Cardiff University, you will be able to join clubs and societies to broaden your interests, meet like-minded students, and make new friends. We also offer access to modern gym facilities and offer classes for students to keep fit.

    Excellent affordable student experience

Cardiff is one of the most affordable student cities in the UK. It is safe, friendly – and excellent value for money, so you can truly enjoy your experience and the benefits from living in a capital city. Rent in Cardiff is approximately 22.5% cheaper than in London; and the average cost of living, food and entertainment is much lower too.

You will also save a lot of money on transport as the University is right in the middle of town and shops and accommodation are within easy access.