About Us

Cardiff University is a public research institution founded in 1883 and located in the Welsh capital. We are a member of the Russell Group of leading British research universities and consistently rank among the top universities in the UK.

We welcome more than 30,000 students from all over the world and pride ourselves on delivering up-to-date programmes and excellent degrees that prepare our students for life after graduation.

We are a global institution and work in collaboration with academic partners across the world, from China to Borneo. We also attract the best researchers from around the world who choose Cardiff University to teach and enhance the learning experience of students and bring a wider perspective to our research.

Cardiff is a diverse and international cities with an estimated 94 languages spoken here! You will meet people from all over the world and be welcome in this thriving, beautiful city. It is widely recognised as an outstanding place to live and study and offers all the advantages of a friendly location with the cultural and recreational facilities of a modern capital city.